Warning Walks



Instruction text:

Below is a guide if you’d like to go on a Warning Walk of your own. In this case, I’m defining a Warning Walk as a walk you’d take where you pay attention to all of the signs around you that warn you against something or suggest you alter your behavior. Since telling you what to do to go on a walk where you notice things that tell you what to do is a bit strange, consider these guidelines you can follow. This exercise is designed to heighten your awareness of the messages that exist around us.

  • bring along a pen or pencil and small notebook or paper that can fit in your pocket
  • start walking
  • when you see a sign or notification that warns you against something or suggests you alter your behavior (no trespassing, do not cross, enter here), write it down. even if you see a similar sign again, write them all down.
  • stop every time you see a sign to write it down. allow yourself the time to write down all the words that you feel impose on you.
  • when you have started to feel completely overwhelmed by the repetitiveness of this language, stop walking. Or, continue walking even as you feel overwhelmed. if you never feel overwhelmed, stop whenever you feel like it.
  • consider how this language has made you feel.
  • respond to this language in whatever means you see fit.