why does jen do what she does?

Artist Statement

In my work, I am often making something visible that is invisible—talking or thinking about it in a way that can bring greater appreciation to moments we often ignore. This has included unearthing deep feelings of grief, delineating the boundaries of our public movement and magnifying the microscopic in the most mundane locations. I utilize public interventions, performance, drawing, mapping and technology to honor a sensitive approach to our environment and community that respects the unseen and unspoken.

My practice revolves around subtleties of environments and behavior as well as attempting to undo the constructs expected to be necessary to take part in an artwork. I like looking at the details. I like the idea that there is always something more complex if we just take the time and attention to notice it. This process of awareness and investigation steers us away from the allure of a spectacle to discover something possibly more intimate and vulnerable. In a public setting where we’re drawn to be distracted, I create stumbled-on moments of focus with ephemeral materials or performance. In a gallery setting that already encourages hyper-awareness, I create an up-closeness or near invisibility so the work can be ignored or experienced intimately. I want to show that there is always more beneath the surface.