Suspicious Art Objects


paper with embedded text, 3″ x 2″ x 2″

Suspicious Art Objects are intentionally placed in spaces for the purpose of disrupting public order and questioning what we deem as a threat in our environment. I exhaled into a small, paper balloon, and left it behind.

The breath can occupy any space, invisibly. Every day we are surrounded by air that is filled with exhales, words, snores, whistles and wind. One Breath Out Takes Up Space makes one breath visible and leaves it behind in the public.

This work is a reaction to the call for our vigilance of what is “out of the ordinary” in our public spaces. Existing in a society where nothing is out of the ordinary paints a bleak landscape of predictability, crippling safety and restrictive expression. As a response, these Suspicious Art Objects are capable of subverting public order without causing harm. The basis for this work is a desire to question authority and permit a challenge to unspoken restrictions.

These objects were available to anyone who sincerely agreed to distribute them. I only asked that they document where they left their object to share it with me or on social media with the hashtag #suspiciousartobject.