Strength Emerges


dried plants, glass jar, printed vellum, pins, felt, foil, vinyl letters, wood, size varies (jars 1.5”x1.25”, 4”x 2”, 3.5”x1.25”)

Stuck at home and out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, I began to document, collect and draw the plants that proliferate in my own front yard. Labeled as “weeds,” these plants have a resilience in the harsh desert landscape that most cultivated plants don’t have. We pull, trim, mistreat and kill these weeds because they disrupt our sense of control. But, they have adapted and show a resilience that not only permits their survival but allows them to thrive. Living through this pandemic and rising up against systemic social injustice has proven our abilities as individuals to also be stronger than we knew possible.

Each jar contains a dried sample and four layered drawings of increasing magnification of four select plants found everywhere around Phoenix in the Spring and Summer. I place these jars among the same living plants that emerge within walking distance of my house. A small, mirrored sign catches reflections of light and draws people in from a distance. If someone chooses to investigate further, they find the words “strength emerges” next to the jar of drawings, along with their own reflection.

Found in multiple locations between 19th Ave to 15th Ave, Indian School Rd to Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ USA