Layered Horizons


cut vellum, wood panels, 9″x12″

These layered cut vellum drawings are transparent layers of the perceived horizons I see. Disregarding distance or subject matter, the only thing that matters is the edge between the subject and sky. From curator Brooke Grucella: “The horizons presented in Urso’s work are a combination of both space and time. There is a performance like quality in the execution of the drawings where the artist sits for a time examining the many components of a given landscape and the cultures that inhabit it. The work produced is similar to the time it takes to watch, draw, and contemplate the places Urso observed, however in the instance of the drawing, the dimensionality of time and space is reduced to a singular view. Each of the works’ elements form one dimension on the picture plane to become as Urso states ‘a map of all places.'”