Blind Speculum Conversations


Speculums, ink on paper on panel, 12″ x 12″, series of 12

drawing and conversation

I spoke to 12 women, one on one, while they selected and held a speculum. We started the conversation with the memory of their first pelvic exam and then it diverged to anything from there. From pelvic pain to hysterectomies to sweaty butts on paper tables. I did blind gesture drawings of their hands holding a speculum while we talked. I took notes from our conversation as we talked that blended and was sometimes drawn over by the drawings. The end result became a portrait of our conversation and an experience of closeness that is usually lacking during the oddly intimate experience of having a pelvic exam.

This piece was created while participating in 10 Artists/2000 Speculums, organized by Creative Push, curated by Lauren O’Connell and exhibited thanks to Arizona State University at the ASU Step Gallery.