Impermanent Museum – SMoCA – Iceflow

Wow. Two art events for me, not just in one week but on one day! I found out that the traces of a piece I did years ago for a SMoCA drawing exhibition, curated by the brilliant Cassandra Coblentz (now at the Orange County Museum of Art) is being included in a new SMoCA show.

Way back when, I created three ink drawings about transition, change and impermanence and then built towers of ice on top of them to melt and corrupt the drawings. Apparently, when one of the towers melted, it left a permanent trace on the Museum floor. (Oops). But lucky for me, Peter Bugg and Sarah Cochran thought this was a good thing and have included it in their Permanent Collection/Impermanent Museum exhibition this summer.

Iceflow installation with ice tower, by Jen Urso

Iceflow drawing after melted ice, ink on paper by Jen Urso
The alleged staining offender.

The irony of it all? When I made that work, I insisted I had no attachment to the art object. Then I shipped those three drawings to Rochester, New York for another exhibition only to never see them again. UPS lost track of the package somewhere in Illinois.

Source: Permanent Collection / Impermanent Museum – Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

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